10 Things why I think you should go Spinning® or Indoor Cycling: 

1.     It's great for losing weight.
2.     In average you can burn about 400 - 600 calories during a 40 minute workout. And classes normally last a minimum of 45 minutes.
3.     It’s low impact which means it’s easy on your knees and joints.
4.     Great alternative to running.
5.     Enhances your cardiovascular health.
6.     It's a great full body workout - makes an amazing bum
7.     It makes you feel relaxed and very happy afterwards, it’s good for the heart. (After every class I feel like I am on top of the world)
8.     It helps you sleep better.
9.     It's fun, the music motivates and pushes you to work harder and makes you forget in how much pain you actually are. J
10. You can choose your own level / resistance.

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