Friday, 10 November 2017

Motivation to train and stay fit / healthy - loving yourself is the main thing

Hello again,

I am so sorry for having had such a long break from blogging. My life has literally changed a lot...

I am now a full time freelance fitness instructor, personal trainer, massage therapist and gymnastics coach. I have changed into full time fitness 2 years ago (OMG - is it this long that I haven't posted on here?)

Hope I've been missed !? ;) 

I will however tell you about my new life and struggles as a fitness professional in a later post.
For now I would like to discuss the motivation we need in order to stay focused and continue working on ourselves.

I must say, I have lost motivation on and off since last Christmas when I went back home for longer than normal. I still went to the gym about 3 times per week when I was there as I felt so guilty not moving as much as I do here and eating all these nice things we have there.

I keep beating myself up for not having the perfect body which I am dreaming off, but I have realised way more than that. I do need to love my body however it is, why can't I do this??? I believe that if I will manage to do this I will also have a bigger motivation and will treat my body with exercise rather than feeling it is a punishment. Which actually I don't feel it is but I just lost the motivation. I love going to the gym and once I am there I am happy, OK I could push myself a little harder during the sessions. I honestly love exercising and keeping active, but I do not love my body.

And this is keeping me back from being happy all the time or being more confident. I have lost a lot of weight naturally by changing my job and I must say the shape has changed as well. I have changed from sitting 8 hours at a desk to teaching classes nearly every day and moving around a lot more. I try to walk everywhere and I love it. But now my body seems to be used to all that and I have started to put on weight.

Instead of looking into the mirror and seeing what others might see I look at myself and see that it is not like the other trainers are on Instagram or in the gym. 
I naturally don't have a very tiny body but I know if I do work hard I can achieve a lot.

I do like my body don't get me wrong but I do not LOVE it! I feel arrogant if I would!? Why???? I think it is perfectly normal to love yourself which every flaws and lumps and bumps...... Who says we need to constantly criticise our self? Just because the others do it??Why can we not just have a little bit of a belly with love handles? Is it not womanly? And even manly? 

Anyway, even though I am teaching a few exercise classes a week, I have lost my motivation to do my own gym sessions. I keep finding excuses. People seem to look up to me at the gym as I seem to have a lot of energy but where is it when I am off and it's gym time?

I know how to motivate my clients and also how to push them to achieve their goals. Yet, I feel I do need someone else to motivate me. I realised that this is perfectly human. And even us trainers do need to get the energy back from someone else.

I always still find excuses for not going to the gym, which I actually pay for as I don't work there. I did this on purpose as I thought if I pay for it it will make me go more. My problem is not I don't want to as if I could I would be at the gym all day. I am just a bit bored of my own company. And also working strange hours doesn't help. 

I guess what I am saying with this is, that we are all human and we all should just LOVE US!!! Just love yourself and love your body however it is, which all it's flaws. It's the only body your have.

And by loving I also mean feed it the good food, doesn't need to be vegan, vegetarian or just organic, it needs to be balanced and ideally home cooked. We do owe this to our body, for working so hard day and night to keep us alive and functioning. Love it and not punish it with junk food and by not liking it when looking at it. 

So, come follow me on my journey to get control over the love for my body again! Practise what I breach every day!

How do you stay motivated and do you love exercising and treating your body with the good things in life?

Be positive and help others to be too!!
Gisi XX