Monday, 20 January 2014

The Zumbini™ Programme for Babies / Toddlers and Parents, made by Zumba®

Hello All,

I would like to introduce you to this amazing programme, which I just love to teach. And I promise that the kids and Mums/Dads/Grandparents or any other caregiver also have the most fun during these 45 mins.

You and your child can benefit in many ways from this programme. And if at any point you do not have time to attend the class but someone else in your family has, you could send them with your little instead. (As long as the child is always the same - that's really important). But it is recommended that you come every week with them as it is an amazing way to bond with the Baby / Toddler.

The Zumbini™ programme has only been launched this January (2014). It was developed by a team of experts to create an enjoyable programme for caregivers and their child(ren) between the age of 0 - 3 Years to learn, bond, grow in an upbeat, happy, musical environment.

The primary goal of the Zumbini™ programme is to introduce young children to music, movement and rhythmic musical instruments. 

The key to the concept of the Zumbini™ class is sharing music and dance with the caregiver and child. But remember it is not an exercise class!

What is the Zumbini™ Programme exactly?

It's a new programme where the little ones between 0 - 3 Years can sing, wiggle and grow alongside there caregivers. The classes are fun and full of movements set to cool global rhythms and they stimulate early childhood learning and development from day one.
It focuses on energy, fun and play to contribute toward the natural development of cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills
In the Zumbini™ class the children also learn to dance, sing and move using their bodies, rhythmic instruments and scarves.

As I already mentioned, we'll be singing, dancing and using some percussion instruments.
No child is too young for this class. The children do recognise rhythm from an early age. It's so cute watching them when they recognise a song or see the scarfs, they start wiggling around and have the biggest smile you have ever seen. 
You'll also be able to explore the music together with your little one, during the free dance and free musical play songs.
Every song in this programme is written especially for Zumba® for the Zumbini™ programme. They are fun and make such good ear worms ;). All the parents in my class keep saying how they can't get the songs out of their heads. I love them and they make me so happy too. 

The classes take place in 6 - 10 weeks sessions with each class lasting 45 mins.
With every session you'll get the ZumbiniBundle, which consists of a Story book with all the lyrics for the songs and 2 CDs with the songs from the class.
There will never be more then 12 children plus 12 caregivers, so the size of the class is personal.

What are the Benefits of this Programme?

Develops the childs social skills.
Encourages emotional development.
Both the Child and the Caregiver are moving all the time in the class.
Cognitive skills are also being developed.
It focuses on energy, fun and play to contribute toward the natural development of cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills
And the main and most important benefit of this class is the Bonding.
Children bond with other children and most importantly with their caregiver.

The Zumbini™ Programme Philosophy

We all have music in us - it is inherent! Children are born with a musical aptitude and if they are not exposed to music at an early age, this aptitude may diminish.
This programme helps to tap into this element and the children learn to feel the beat and to feel free to express themselves with dancing.
Music provides a fun, safe yet structured play environment which also give them the freedom and confidence to grow as they develop their social, motor and cognitive skills.
In this programme we are only looking towards the enjoyment of learning through the joy of music and it is key for the caregiver to participate!
If the Caregiver participates actively he sets a great role model to the little one and makes them want to join in as well and an integral part of this participation is the bonding. The child and the caregiver have time to bond but also the children amongst themselves. It is also a great way to meet other Mummies, Daddies, Nannies,.... around your area.

This programme just started this January (2014) and I really hope that the word gets spread about this amazing programme soon. 

My 10 week session will be starting on the 25th January, every Saturday from 10.15 - 11.00 AM. I still have enough spaces left!

If you or you know anybody who might want more information or would be interested in booking into this class, please do contact me and I'll give you more information on the price and exact location.

How do you support your children's musical development?

See you soon

Gisela XXX