Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Who comes up with all these horrendous diets????

Hello everybody,

Sitting here watching a programme on the UK Channel 5 “Got Thin – Got Fat again” makes me sad angry and confused.

Diets people have tried to lose weight,……. WHAT??? Who comes up with all that? Why don’t we try to educate people in a different way? I hope that this programme opens some people’s eyes!? Not just people who need to lose weight but also the skinny people who still think they are too fat.
I have been worrying about my weight ever since I can think. In my secondary school all my friends were slimmer and prettier. We were really close friends that time but I always felt like the ugly fat one and was actually surprised some times that they are friends with me.   We were the more “popular” group. I knew I was not the prettiest but I wasn't that ugly either. This was the time I started worrying about my figure. 
I know now I was never fat and I was really active as well. I wish I’d know now why I felt like that!? I was never that insecure to not go to the Lido or indoor swimming pool and wearing a bikini or swimsuit but I was also never really happy about it either and tried to cover up when I could so people couldn't see my belly…. This was always my problem zone. What was I worried or insecure about???
I now think that I actually had a nice figure. I was never that big kid who needed to lose weight and I was always active. Even back then I LOVED dancing and music more than anything in the world. My Secondary School was a “Music School” and music was on a daily curriculum. 
Singing was never my strength but dancing I knew I was good at. 
Since the tender age of 6 I started to go to this dance classes with my sister and her best friend (who’s mum created this dance group for kids). I am not sure how to describe this dance group,.. it was with a partner and more like folk dance – at least that’s the translation for it. It was great fun and I used to love to go there, we had Christmas and Easter events. We travelled around Austria a bit and even made it to Switzerland for 1 event. Thinking back, this was a real great time. During those special parties we did playback shows as well and this is when I realised I like to perform ;)
I never really followed this dream about becoming a dancer as life got in the way and I became a teenager and too cool for all this. But I still continued to take part in other activities and cycled almost every where.

Back to horrific diets. Why do we do this? Why do we constantly try to be slimmer and prettier than others?

It makes me so so sad that there are so many overweight people out there who don't get educated or the right help they need, I wish I could help each and every one of them. I cannot imagine how they feel? I can only try as I felt terrible about my weight a lot of times and I still do some times. I am so insecure about this. 
I don't know many people who never ever complain about their weight and are just happy the way they are. This is sad as this is what the society made of us and I feel like it's getting worse, as Kids as young as 8 probably already count calories. Taking away their childhood too quickly.

Sometimes obese people cannot take any blame on their weight. They might be ill, we don't really know and we should never judge them.
Yea, genes do play a big part in it I suppose, but we are also responsible for our own actions.
We don’t know why people are bigger or extra skinny. Some peoples' metabolism is just extra good and works extra hard.
You also just don’t know what’s going on in their life. But by judging them or commending on their weight and putting them down we don't make it any better either.
This picture is the only picture I have which shows me at my heaviest I think. Not sure how heavy or big I was. This was after 1 year in America. People used to ask me if I was pregnant! I never ever showed this to anyone as this is how much I am embarrassed of it.

I still remember a few comments I got sometimes and to be honest those people were my friends and probably meant them to be funny but I took them to my heart and didn't tell people about it and just got on with it. I never forgot about them though. I am still scared that people say horrible stuff to me about my “ugly face” or  my “fat belly”.

I must admit though that losing weight did help me with being more secure and happy. I get more attention now from men and I love it.;) 
In the past few year since qualifying to become gym instructor I also learnt that there are so many different people in this world and not everybody has to look the same or has the same taste. People which I think are pretty and look great might not look pretty in other peoples eyes. People who I think have a great figure might look too skinny to others.

And people who invent those diets make it harder for us to love us as we are as they almost make us feel like we have to do a diet. Diets make us more sad and I feel like a massive failure if I can't even last a day. And that makes me even more upset.
Why do you think we Yoyo with our weight and normally put on more then we lost after a diet? I don't think it's healthy and no one will ever be able to follow through a diet for the rest of their lifes.

Eating only cabbage soup or only everything which has the colour red for a few days is not the answer to our problems. I believe it makes it worse. 

When I used to start a diet all I wanted to do during that time was eat everything else but what I was supposed to eat. Suddenly I wanted to eat a bar of chocolate or a bag of crisps. And I don’t really like snacking that much normally. So my brain went on a strike, and I got upset, because I couldn't even do the simplest thing and be strong. I never lasted a week probably not even a day on a diet. Apart from when I did weight watchers, but oh how did I hate the beginning. You can ask my friends how much I was crying when I saw how little I was actually only allowed to eat a day. I changed my lifestyle and starting running. It didn't take me long to get used to this and I started to enjoy it. This made me realise that there is only so much fuel a body needs and the rest is just too much to absorb or digest.
As I already said, at the same time I did Weigh Watchers I also started to train for my first marathon.
Doing all this exercise on top of counting calories and watching very carefully what I ate helped me lose all the weight I had to ( according to them - calculated at the beginning of the programme). But guess what,…. I still felt like I needed to lose more and that my belly was so so fat again!? What!? I wish I was back there again.
This is me a few years ago, and guess what,.. I felt actually fat!?
I heard about a few of the crazy diets and all I can say to it is,…. Why would you do that to your body? What does eating grapefruits all day have to do with losing weight and get ting healthier and happier!? 
I am also far too busy to concentrate on cooking and shopping for all these special diet foods. And who wants to eat when they have to only what they have to according to a magazine or book?

I believe that if you really want to lose weight do it the healthy way. Look at your lifestyle. 
Do you really think that drinking alcohol every day has no impact not only on your health but also weight? Shouldn't we do sports because we like it and not just because we had that chocolate bar that day?

Or, do you have time to cook all these diet foods you see in magazines or books sometimes? I don’t plus I also don’t have time to eat every 3,4,5 hours of the day. But I am trying to listen to my body more now. And if I go out for dinner,.. of course at first I am scared and think,….. OMG what should I eat I don’t want to be fat and I certainly don’t want to work out even more, even though I do love sports. I do try not to go out for meals that much at all anymore, but if I do I indulge! Why not? I don’t want to spend my money on a salad, especially when the price is the same as the other main meals and you could make this yourself for much much less if you’d prepare it at home. So when I go out I eat. Do I feel bad about it sometimes afterwards? Of course I do, but I am no angel and I do deserve a treat sometimes as well. WE all deserve a treat.
But we need to be honest to ourself. In order to change our figure and improve out health we do need to be honest to ourselves and also others. Admit when you over indulged in anything. It’s no biggy and it does not mean that all your hard work is lost and because of that you can eat rubbish all day every  day again. The next day, you’ll just try to not snack at all or eat a soup instead of pasta. Or simple just reduce your portion. We can all do it. It’s all in our minds. I really believe that. I can talk,… I feel shit as well and when I then drink a few days in a row and eat horrible food on top of it I just want to hide behind a coat or anything to not show my body. I also envy my skinny friends who’s metabolism is so good they can eat whatever they want. But this is just not me, also not everybody is built to be a size 4, 6 or 8 and to be honest all I want to be is a healthy toned size 10. I learnt to love my curves. I just don’t want them to be wobbly and this is what I am trying to work on.
I am scared to gain weight once  I am pregnant (if I ever find anyone who wants a baby with me ;)) not not being able to lose it again. I am struggeling with my weight and know that according to my genes I will be bigger. But I won’t use that as my main excuse as of why I am not a size 8. It is the truth and I do believe we are not meant to all be as skinny as the stars on TV or in the magazines.

I hate it that all you see is them, but what you don’t see is that they have no other life than that. I don’t really want to know what they eat all day and how much exercise they have to do to keep that body. Looking at Christina Aguilera when when gained all that weight after giving birth and going throught the divorce showed me that they are also just normal people like we are. I alsways loved that woman and I wanted to be like her. But when she got that big, I was a bit happy. And I feel bad to submit it… I don’t know which size she was on but might have been bigger then me and I felt like “Ha, once I am skinnier,….” ;) I probably wasn’t and she still looked better then me. And she looks amazing now. She must have gone through a rough exercise regime and the worst diet ever. But remember she probably had a cook and a nutritionist who knew exactly how to get it off and get her back into her “old” body. I am a bit jelouse of her, as she can afford all this.
All these thoughts made me realise that I want more about this topic and help  educate people about just changing life style and getting into exercise and start a healthier lifestyle the slower way. Remember it didn’t just happen during the night that the weight gone up like that. So we cannot expect to lose it over night.
I am still so shocked about all these random diets people come up with, I wouldn’t even know what to eat with half of them!? What is the Grapefruit diet!? Is it what I think it is? Do you really just eat that all day? I mean Grapefruits are nice, but really all day!? No,.. I will never do that,.. ever! And the cabbage soup, is just something else. Is it really worth eating this? Do you enjoy that?
Wouldn’t you rather enjoy cooking a steak or trying new things? Like buying as steamer and try new recipes invent new recipes. Educate yourself about healthy food and change your life slowly? I do believe that everyone can do it, but it is always easier when you have someone supporting you.
For me it’s easy as I don’t have a family and can cook and eat what ever, when ever I want. But even if you have a family, since you have to cook already, why not make something nice, I am sure if Kids grow up like that, they will also get used to it and won’t get too unhealthy or big either.

I wish I could help each and every person who suffers from low selfesteem or thinking they are too big. It's like being trapped and not knowing how to get out of this mess .... No matter how much weight you lose, you still want to lose more or you just don't know how to keep it there and go through terrible things just to keep it there.

Let's all relax and enjoy life much more! It's seriously to short.... Get a friend to support you. Think how you want to make yourself feel better. Get out there with the kids and play in the park or go for a walk. Join a running club anything will help you fee happier.

What are your thoughts on that? What's really the ideal look? Are we crazy and driving ourselves even more crazy.

I would love it if you could you comments on this topic.

Gisela xxx

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