Sunday, 8 September 2013

Welcome to my Blog

Hey Everyone,

My name is Gisela and I am in my very late 20s :).
Originally I am from Austria, near Vienna. I moved to London in September 2005 together with my then boyfriend.
After we ended our relationship, I wasn't ready to go back, so I decided to stay and it was really the best decision. I got to meet great people and experience a lot of new things.

I was never really that much into sport as I am now, I was a gymnast when I was about 6 years old. I could do splits and all, but growing older this was not that "cool" anymore and school also got more demanding, so I stopped.

When I moved to London, I started to go to the gym to keep fit. I visited aerobics classes and went on the cross trainer, but I would never go on the treadmill as I hated running. 
In 2009 I started running because my company organised a run which you could take part in. I am still so very proud that I managed to finish those 8 miles.;) After that I went running crazy and this is how I started to get into my fitness.

I joined Weight Watchers and lost more then 1 stone. I started running regularly and in 2010 I even finished the London Marathon. In the same year I ran another Marathon in Austria and was hooked then. Training for a competition like this is tiring and takes up a lot of your time. Running very early on a Sunday morning and almost every day after work. I bought a lot of books on how to improve my speed with nutrition and also about how to cure injuries or prevent them. I did have a fair share of injuries during that time but never gave up.
I realised I loved my sports and everything to do with it. Many people came to me for advice.

In October 2011 I qualified as a Level 2 Gym and Exercise to Music Instructor and since then I am teaching my own "Legs Bums Tums" classes and since April 2013 even "Zumba®" fitness classes. I now know my stuff and am so happy to see people improve their fitness by visiting my classes.

I have so much to talk about when it comes to fitness but as everyone else I still have a lot of questions and do struggle with my weight as well.

With this Blog I want to share my knowledge and experience about losing weight, keeping fit and being healthy.

What do you do to stay in shape?

Gisi XXX


  1. Heya Gisela and wlecome to blogging! Lovely to read a bit about you! x

    1. Hello Albertine, Thank you so much for leaving me my very first post. Hope you like what you read. X


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